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    At ACQUIP laser alignment is our passion Living by knowledge ACQUIP is the UNDISPUTED industry leader We specialize in rotating equipment alignment services for the power generation oil gas and petrochemical industri ACQUIP implements rotating equipment solutions that are dependable trustworthy and adaptableRotating equipment will not be reliable if the alignment between the driving and driven shaft centrelines does not form a straight line Misalignment causes up to 50 of machine vibrations and is the result of two common problems

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    Used for laser shaft alignment on rotating equipment for preventative maintenance Two units available ROTALIGN Ultra LiveTrend ROTALIGN Ultra iS Live Trend Dynamic Balancing Dynamic Balancing Precision balancing of rotating equipment provides smoother and quieter operation prolonging the life of bearings and the rotating assemblydeterioration of the alignment state can frequently occur due to changes in equipment operating conditions foundation settlement and piping strain 13 This situation can lead to the imposition of excessive forces on the equipment rotating and static elements most

  • Datum Rotating Machinery Services has proven experience in laser and optical alignment services for the marine and industrial industri We offer precision alignment of rotating machinery Learn MoreEmphasis shall be laid on topics relevant to machinery maintenance requirements identify and diagnose the typical faults and troubles of rotating equipment This includes equipment lubrication bearing different types of sealing coupling alignment balance vibration and analyzes the performance of the rotating equipment components

  • The experts at Datum Rotating Machinery services work with builders and shipyards nationally and internationally for marine propulsion servic Datum staff can provide service to remove and install propellers shafting install shaft bearings and service or replace shaft seal systemsAlignment Alignment in rotating machinery is essentially the centerline coincidence of the rotating components and the continuity of their angular alignment Different components are related to each other in a system by couplings whether rigid or flexible

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    Rotating machinery vibration engineers serving power generation petrochemical pulp paper waste water and other industries worldwide 35 years experience in analysis alignment rotor balancing predictive maintenance Servicing installation of condition >Alignment Systems for Rotating Machinery >Shaft alignment systems The Makers of OPTALIGN and ROTALIGN Precision and Usability as Standard The era of laser alignment started in the early s with the invention of laser shaft alignment by Dieter Busch founder of PRUFTECHNIK Back then laser technology was a revolution compared to the

  • Since Rotating Equipment Specialists has been providing commercial and industrial customers with professional solutions in the fields of vibration analysis predictive maintenance precision balancing laser alignment fan rework and corrective maintenanceRotating Machinery Shaft Alignment Systems Identify a potential problem before it results in costly downtime These shaft alignment meters help your predictive maintenance program keep you up

  • Alignment of machine shafts using modern laser alignment equipment practical exercise Delivery The majority of this course is practical hands on training delivered by fully qualified and experienced ex industry personnel using equipment replicated from the onshore and offshore oil and gas working environment CertificationProcess Metrology LLC is a Cincinnati OH based laser alignment vibration analysis and dynamic balancing service and training company committed to the health of your web processes and rotating equipment through precision laser alignment vibration analysis and

  • Rotating Machine Maintenance shapes steel and other materials using a variety of machin more info Laser Alignment Rotating Machine Maintenance provides onsite laser alignment for any rotating equipment more info Inhouse Overhauls Parts Supply Our inhouse overhaul service is workshop based and can be applied to a variety of equipment Our clients depend on ACQUIP when time and accuracy are crucial that is why we provide them with the most cost effective solutions in the area of internal alignment for rotating equipment gas steam turbines Metrology Services and 3D Scanning Servic One of our core values is the speed and accuracy of our procedures when performing

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    Precise and consistent alignment of all your rotating equipment will help you reduce maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime increase process quality and extend machine life This course teaches alignment principles applicable to all methods and machinery in practical easy to understand terms and also provides hands on experience The main purpose of shaft alignment is to make sure that the center line of the motor rotor shaft coincides with the center line of the driven machinery ie pump or a generator Shaft misalignment is responsible for as much as 50 percent of all costs related to rotating machinery breakdowns

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    machinery is running The rotating equipment is aligned following a series of detailed steps of a few alignment techniqu It can be said that the goal of alignment is to position the equipment so that any deviations of the shaft centerlines are below specified or required criterion Further the objective is to Figure 1 Impact of Misalignment onEasy Laser E540 is a precise and competent alignment system for your rotating machinery Easy Laser E540 provides the ideal balance between performance and price allowing you to create the best conditions to operate your machinery economically and problem free

  • We have provided rotating equipment alignment vibration and engineering services and training all over Alaska the lower 48 states Canada and throughout the world all of the Americas Africa Middle East Far East and in Europe In order to ensure that rotating machinery is reliable productive and efficient it is critically important that misalignment problems are eliminated Test your alignment knowledge by first answering the questions and then considering the validity in the accompanying solutions to ensure first rate outcom 1

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    The Fluke 830 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool is the ideal test tool to precision align rotating shafts in your facility It s a known fact all rotating machinery is susceptible to misalignmentExpress Alignment Training Manual © Vibralign Inc inTrOduCTiOn TO alignMenT Alignment BAsics the machines we align Basic The most basic machines to align consist of a driver and driven element The driven unit is usually considered to be stationary and the driver movable

  • Your Rotating Equipment Specialists for Laser Shaft Alignment Vibration Data Collection Balancing Electrical Motor Testing and Ultrasound Located in Southern California we are the exclusive distributor and Solutions Provider for Ludeca Inc in California Nevada and HawaiiMachinery Alignment Tolerance Tables The suggested alignment tolerances shown here are general values based upon experience and general industry standards and should not be exceeded Note If a manufacturer of a machine or coupling require tighter alignment tolerances those should be used